IndiaFirst: Making India the Global Startup Hub

IndiaFirst: Making India the Global Startup Hub

The All India Council for Robotics & Automation (AICRA) is propelling India's tech future with the IndiaFirst initiative. This ambitious program fosters a vibrant startup ecosystem, placing India at the forefront of global innovation.

Key Areas of IndiaFirst:

  • Advocating for government policies nurturing tech startups
  • Championing government funding initiatives
  • Cultivating a spirit of "India leading from the front"
  • Promoting knowledge transfer through showcasing successful Indian startups

Vision for IndiaFirst:

IndiaFirst aims to create a landscape brimming with resources, support, and streamlined regulations for tech startups. It envisions India as a global leader in tech solutions, exporting groundbreaking ideas and fostering a robust network of innovative minds.

IndiaFirst is more than just an initiative; it's a vision for a future where India is not just a breeding ground for startups, but the preferred destination for global business.

Government Policy framework – To build conducive ecosystem for tech startups
India leading from the front – Government funding and desire to export technology
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Pier success stories – Learning and ably taking over of the baton by next generation