The Award recognizes the professional contributions and academic achievement of an individual/organization in the area of innovation. The Awards will focus on the different sector and the challenges and opportunities in this field.

The IndiaFirst Tech-Start-up Awards ceremony, it will provide a wonderful opportunity to stakeholders in the different field to create opportunities of progress at all Levels - World, national, regional and local. Our idea is to establish the award as recognition of a significant contribution to building process as illustrious career, a role model management who is well respected among the community.

Nomination Process and Criteria

  • Any organization / entrepreneur /allied sector offering AI or using AI can apply. Each applicant can apply for one or multiple categories
  • The nominees in each category will be presented to the final jury for determination of winners.
  • Information received will be treated confidential and not used for any purpose except for determining the winners of the awards.
  • Right to permit participation and cancel/change award category is reserved with Awards management.
  • For AICRA member, nomination is free, For non AICRA member, nomination fee is 5,000 + 18% GST per category
  • Participants need to nominate online. Post nomination, they would receive a questionnaire which they are supposed to fill, attach all supporting documents and submit it.
  • The parameters for evaluation are subject to revision by the internal and external juries and Awards Management
  • Last date of IndiaFirst Tech-Start-up award nomination is 15th April'23 and for questionnaire submission is 20th April'23.

Evaluation Criteria

IndiaFirst Tech-Start-up Awards aim to recognize the best innovators and entrepreneurs leading the IndiaFirst Tech-Start-up Revolution in India. To help us decide if you are indeed the best, tell us about you and your work!

Tell us about your organization: Mission, Values, Culture, and Achievements

  • How do Your Professional Values Distinguish You From the Rest?
  • How are Your Achievements Significant for the AI Industry?
  • How have You Brought Change to Your Business or Community through Innovation?

We expect entrants to use 5% of the open-ended response or 150 words answering these crucial questions.

We believe technology can be used to serve a larger purpose than being a support system to achieve business goals. Explain how you have used technology or digital tools to develop a New Business, Positively Impact a Community or Solve a Major Workplace Problem.

  • What was your strategy?
  • What objectives did you set out to achieve?
  • What risks did you identify and how did you overcome them?
  • Detail how you used technology as something more than just a support system

Spend 25% of your open-ended response on this section (or 300 words)

We are looking for organizations that have developed a solution that meets new or existing needs. Entrants will have demonstrated how they have applied technology in an innovative way to meet a specific social or business challenge. We are looking for organizations that have developed a solution that meets new or existing needs. Entrants will have demonstrated how they have applied technology in an innovative way to meet a specific social or business challenge. We expect our entrants to spend 25% of the open-ended response here (300 words).

  • Showcase the originality of your idea.
  • Demonstrate your creativity.
  • Outline how you combined strategic insights and creativity to be innovative.
  • Outline the new or existing need you set out to meet.

Outcomes decide the success of any Endeavour. So we will be taking into accounts factors such as revenue generation, capital market share, increased brand awareness, and increased client acquisition or retention.

  • Through specific examples, tell us How you met a specific social or business challenge/need/opportunity?
  • Provide a before and after analysis of the situation.
  • Share specific details about the results and outcomes you achieved

Spend 25% of your open-ended response on this section (or 300 words)

What lies in store for your business? What are the steps you are planning to take next for advancing your business? We would like to know about your plans and strategy for the future. We will take into account deciding factors such as Scalability, Future Fundraising Objectives, Upcoming Trials, Planning, Strategy, and Forecasting.

  • What goals do you plan to achieve in the next 1 to 3 years?
  • Through specific examples, tell us about your growth trajectory/strategy.
  • Share specific forecasting results or strategic plans

Spend 20% of your open-ended response on this section (or 250 words)

Award Categories:

    • Best Drone Solution Provider
    • Best Innovation in Drone Technology
    • Best Drone Startup
    • Best Aerospace Startup
    • Best AgriTech Start-up
    • Best BioTech Start-up
    • Best Innovation in AgriTech
    • Best Emerging AgriTech Startup
    • Best Smartcity Solution Provider
    • Best Tech Use in Real Estate
    • Best Innovations for Smartcities
    • Best Tech Use in Transport
    • Best Edtech Startup
    • Best Institute Award for Start-up Initiative
    • Best Startup Knowledge provider
    • Best Incubation Lab Award
    • Best HealthTech Start-up
    • Excellence in Tech Enabled Health Services
    • Best HealthTech Solution Provider
    • Best HealthTech App
    • Best Start-up Initiative in Robotics
    • Best Robotics Startup
    • Best Start-up Initiative in AI Sector
    • Best AI Solution Provider
    • Best Blockchain Technology Provider
    • Best AR/VR Service Provider
    • Best Start-up Initiative in IT Sector
    • Best Start-up Initiative in e-Commerce
    • Most Innovative IOT Concept
    • Best Startup Cyber Security
    • Best Tech Solution Provider
    • Best Startup Accelerator Award
    • Best Investor Award for Start-up Engagement
    • Best Financial Institution for Supporting Start-up
    • Best Start-ups Supporter Award
    • Best e-Mobility Start-up Award
    • Best Emerging Tech Idea
    • Best Woman Start-up Award
    • Best FinTech Start-up
    • Best Tech Start Up Award

Benefits of Winning

  • It enables you to reach out to prospective society with renewed confidence by leveraging on the immense marketing and PR value of the award.
  • Previous winners have reported a significant increase in sales / business as a direct result of winning an award.
  • The independent endorsement of your company's expertise and professionalism.
  • Use of the widely recognised branded winners logo for use on your website and marketing / public relations material.
  • Supported by major media partners and recognised quality branded sponsors.
  • The winner shall be handed over a framed certificate.
  • A comprehensive business profile of the winner along with photographs shall be published on relevant portals online.
  • Global media coverage
  • Award winners report positive results including higher awareness, sales and levels of staff morale.
  • The winner is entitled to two passes of the gala awards ceremony.
  • One nomination category free for all members of AICRA, you may choose any category as per best fitment to your entity
  • Nomination stands cancelled if nomination note not received