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IndiaFirst Tech-Startup Awards

The Award recognizes the professional contributions and academic achievement of an individual/organization in the area of innovation. The Awards will focus on the different sector and the challenges and opportunities in this field.

Award Nomination Fee 5000 + 18% GST only.

The IndiaFirst Tech-Start-up Awards ceremony, it will provide a wonderful opportunity to stakeholders in the different field to create opportunities of progress at all Levels - World, national, regional and local. Our idea is to establish the award as recognition of a significant contribution to building process as illustrious career, a role model management who is well respected among the community.


  • Suggest policy framework for achieving global standards across the country
  • To bring all stakeholders on one platform and arriving at consensual solutions on a variety of issues
  • Facilitate sharing of knowledge and best practices
  • Create awareness and interface with innovative marketing concepts
  • Provide a unique platform to network and collaborate
  • Recognize excellence in education provider

    Benefits of winning

  • It enables you to reach out to prospective society with renewed confidence by leveraging on the immense marketing and PR value of the award.
  • Previous winners have reported a significant increase in sales / business as a direct result of winning an award.
  • The independent endorsement of your company's expertise and professionalism.
  • Use of the widely recognised branded winners logo for use on your website and marketing / public relations material.
  • Supported by major media partners and recognised quality branded sponsors.
  • The winner shall be handed over a framed certificate.
  • A comprehensive business profile of the winner along with photographs shall be published on relevant portals online.
  • Global media coverage
  • Award winners report positive results including higher awareness, sales and levels of staff morale.
  • The winner is entitled to two passes of the gala awards ceremony.
  • One nomination category free for all members of AICRA, you may chose any category as per best fitment to your entity
  • Nomination stands cancelled if nomination note not received

Award Categories:

  • Best Tech Start Up Award
  • Best Start-up Initiative in Robotics Sector
  • Best Start-up Initiative in IT Sector
  • Best Start-up Initiative in AI Sector
  • Best Start-up Initiative in e-Commerce
  • Best Start-up Initiative in Online Services
  • Best Start-up Initiative in Technology Manufacturing
  • Best HealthTech Start-up
  • Best Emerging Tech Idea
  • Best FinTech Start-up
  • Best AgriTech Start-up
  • Best BioTech Start-up
  • Best Edtech Startup
  • Best Drone Technology Provider
  • Best Data Science Company
  • Best Startup Knowledge provider
  • Best Woman Start-up Award
  • Best Incubation Lab Award
  • Best Institute Award for Start-up Initiative
  • Best Investor Award for Start-up Engagement
  • Best Start-ups' Supporter Award
  • Best Financial Institution for Supporting Start-up
  • Best Start-up in Voice Technology & Telephony
  • Best Tech Solution Provider
  • Best Startup Cyber Security
  • Best Startup Accelerator Award
  • Most Innovative Start-up Concept
  • Best e-Mobility Start-up Award
  • Best Digital Marketing Startup
  • Most Innovative IOT Concept
  • Best Blockchain Technology Provider
  • Best Logitech Start-up

Benefits to the Nominee

  • You can nominate your organization in any one category mentioned above.
  • Along with the award nomination you can have access to Exhibition and interact with all the participating Start-ups
  • You will also be given access to the Networking Lounge where other Delegates, Investors, MDs & CEOs of the Start-ups would collaborate for business
  • You would also be entitled to Food and High-tea offered on both the days of the event which is restricted for normal visitors
  • You can also attend Conclave where Keynote Speakers will address the audience on topics listed in the schedule, Guests of Honor would share their vision from the respective states etc
  • You can also attend the Panel Discussion as per the agenda listed for this 2 day event

Terms & Conditions

  • All nominations must be submitted by 31th May, 2022 to be considered for Award
  • Organisers reserves the rights to use all or part of any material ( research material, data collected, photographs, news coverage or any other such details) related to Awards for future use or any publicity campaign
  • Organisers also reserves the rights to cancel any award in a particular category or zone or any of the categories if required. No representation from any of the participants nominating themselves for such award or categories will be entertained.
  • Organisers also reserves the rights to cancel or postpone the event or change its venue in case of non-availability dates or for any other unavoidable reasons. All efforts will be made to update the winners of any such change well in advance.
  • Organisers reserves the right to withdraw and/or alter any of the terms & conditions at any time without prior notice.
  • There is NO FEES for Nomination for Awards in any category. However, the winners will be expected to make voluntary contribution towards the research and event expenses.
  • The decision of the jury will be final and binding

Judging Criteria

Tell us about your organization: Mission, Values, Culture and Achievements

  • How do Your Professional Values Distinguish You From the Rest?
  • How are Your Achievements Significant for the AI Industry?
  • How have You Brought Change to Your Business or Community through Innovation?

We believe Technology can be used to serve a larger purpose than being a support system to achieve business goals. Explain how you have used technology or digital tools to develop an New Business, Positively Impact a Community or Solve a Major Workplace Problem.

  • What was your strategy?
  • What objectives did you set out to achieve?
  • What risks did you identify and how did you overcome them?
  • Detail how you used technology as something more than just a support system

Spend 25% of your open ended response on this section (or 300 words)

We are looking for organizations who have developed a solution that meets new or existing needs. Entrants will have demonstrated how they have applied technology in an innovative way to meet a specific social or business challenge. We are looking for organizations who have developed a solution that meets new or existing needs. Entrants will have demonstrated how they have applied technology in an innovative way to meet a specific social or business challenge.We expect our entrants to spend 25% of the open-ended response here (300 words).

  • Showcase the originality of your idea.
  • Demonstrate your creativity.
  • Outline how you combined strategic insights and creativity to be innovative.
  • Outline the new or existing need you set out to meet.

Outcomes decide the success of any Endeavour. So we will be taking into accounts factors such as: revenue generation, capital market share, increased brand awareness, and increased client acquisition or retention.

  • Through specific examples, tell us How you met a specific social or business challenge/need/opportunity?
  • Provide a before and after analysis of the situation.
  • Share specific details about the results and outcomes you achieved.

Spend 25% of your open ended response on this section (or 300 words)

What lies in store for your business? What are the steps you are planning to take next for advancing your business? We would like to know about your plans and strategy for the future. We will take into account deciding factors such as: Scalability, Future Fundraising Objectives, Upcoming Trials, Planning, Strategy and Forecasting.

  • What goals do you plan to achieve in the next 1 to 3 years.
  • Through specific examples, tell us about your growth trajectory/strategy.
  • Share specific forecasting results or strategic plans.

Spend 20% of your open ended response on this section (or 250 words)

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